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Equipment - We use the following equipment to ensure that your tyres are fitted correctly:


HOFMANN MEGA MOUNT 201 TYRE CHANGER- specific to the motrcycle industry. Plastic inserts are used to protect your wheel from damage. For wheel diameters from 10" to 21"

Designed purely for motorcycle, scooter and ATV applications, the "Megamount 201 bike" boasts characteristics such as bead breaker and fitting head design that eliminate the compromise that comes with a car machine simply fitted with motorcycle adaptors.


HOFMANN MEGA SPIN 100 DIGITAL WHEEL BALANCER- can balance any motorcycle wheel including single sided types eg: NC30, VFR750/800, Ducati, Trimph, BMW etc.

With the ability to configure for either motorcycle or car applications (or even both!), the megaspin 100 with its handspin operation, dual 12v/240v operation and compact design is ideal for 'bike shops, mobile operators, or anyone looking for a low cost way into balancing without compromising on crucial features.



We sell the following product brands: FERODO+LUCAS brake pads, J.T & TALON sprockets, HEL brake lines, AIR BLADE Double- Bubble Screens, PRO BOLT range, STOMP GRIP traction pads, ARMSTRONG discs, ISR brakes, SCORPIAN &VIPER exhusts, , SCOTT OILERS, PADDOCK STANDS & LIFTS, SILKOLENE lubricants, HI-FLOW oil filters, NGK spark plugs, K&N air filters, TAX DISC holders

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